Making ❮code❯ from $coffee without sugar

About me

Having experience in IT, I can safely say that I am a qualified specialist. As practice has shown:

Clients who have already worked with me no longer turn to other specialists.

The following stack of core technologies in total includes more than 100 dependent skills and abilities

  • PHP 5.*/7.*
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • Unix systems (Debian, Ubuntu)

Main directions of development

  • Automation of control systems
  • Web-dev
  • Smart solutions
  • CRM-systems
  • Other software

Friends with IT seconds 😎

Stages of site development

Developing the right site is a lengthy and time-consuming process in which the entire team participates - from the customer to the - by developers. The main goal is to establish the correct technical specifications for developers and understanding of the goals by the customer. Website development can be divided into several main stages, described below.

  • Setting goals and objectives of the site

    1 stage

    This is one of the main stages at which we will discuss and set for ourselves the goals of the project.

  • Creation, elaboration of technical specifications

    2 stage

    When the goals are known, it is important to correctly and correctly describe the terms of reference (TOR). It will influence the development process, design and other components of the site.

  • Creating a site design layout

    3 stage

    The best designers will take on your project. 24/7 will work on the design of the site, logo until the result is satisfactory Your needs.

  • Layout

    4 stage

    The process of transforming a "picture" into a "live site".

  • Programming

    5 stage

    At this stage, the logic of the site will be developed - one of the most time-consuming processes.

  • Testing

    6 stage

    When the site’s logic is already programmed, you need to carefully check "Does everything work as expected?"

  • Content Filling (Optional)

    7 stage

    "Correct" content is the key to successful promotion of a resource!

  • Submission of the finished project

    8 stage

    I look and admire your contented face - my favorite stage.

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